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Studio II

Our video editing studio, “The Stables”, is also an Additional Dialogue Recording and Foley studio. It also acts an extension to studio I with the ability to record using Dante live which lets Studio 1 & 2 work in unison.

We primarily use DaVinci Resolve video editing software, and Pro Tools to record audio only projects.

Adjoining the control room, the Stables' live room has optional panels to add reflections or deaden soundwaves as they propagate.

  • 5.1 Neumann surround sound editing station

  • Live room with optional baffle placements

  • Focusrite 64X64 all in one interface with 32X32 Dante I/O

  • Audient and Focusrite pre-amps

  • Selection of outboard pre-amps and processors

Before the camera rolls, we like to get to know our clients; to find out exactly what you’re after and deliver the best results. One of the services available at Deep Storm is a video documentation of your creative process, in a style that works for you.

Below is the kind of thing we do here; we'll always make you look good and want you to be completely happy with the footage.


Recording can be done in either studio, or you might choose to shoot a video in the four acres of space that surrounds Deep Storm Productions. We are also happy to work with you to scout for the perfect location offsite.

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